Unable to spawn neuron in NNS App (with Ledger device)

Is anyone else having trouble spawning a new neuron? I’ve never had trouble doing this before until the new feature was added to choose the % of maturity to spawn in a new neuron.

My screen gets stuck at the following:

Is this a known issue?

Note: I have my ledger connected as I normally do. I’ve done this process dozens of times but never run into an issue. I’m spawning about 1.7 ICP.

Yes this is a known issue. There is a bug caused by a recent update, and a fix is currently in the process of being developed. Please see here for more details: https://www.reddit.com/r/dfinity/comments/uj8fzm/new_problem_spawn_neuron_ledger_nano/

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Thank you for letting me know

Thankfully the fix doesn’t rely on Ledger updating their IC app, or you’d be waiting till 2038.

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