Not able to spawn neuron in NNS dashboard (with Ledger device)

I just went it to the NNS to spawn a new neuron from my maturity gained over the past few weeks of staking in a neuron but I got the following error: “A ledger error happened during signature. “Instruction not supported” (code 27904).”

I’ve gone through this process many times before with the same Ledger device and never had a problem. Has a new update been pushed to the NNS app that may be causing this? Is this a known issue?

Nns is broken. Icp fixes this.

Please try updating the ledger app from the ledger app store to the latest version. if that doesn’t resolve the issue please share which version of the app you are using.

you can, just when you enter Neuron before that click on the ICP grid on your Ledger nano and it will take you further

Thanks @Ang - I’ll give this a try and report back