Unable to see images in ICP when using the browse button

Hi everyone, I’ve created a decentralized web3 Auction platform in ICP (Dfinity). Unfortunately, I’m encountering a problem when I click the “new auction” button. It successfully takes me to the “start new Auction” page, but when I click “browse for images,” it doesn’t display any of the PNG images I’ve downloaded. I’ve tried seeking help from ChatGPT and searched on Stack Overflow, but I’m still unable to figure out why it can’t find the images. Can you help me with this issue?

  1. Does it open the popup?
  2. Are you sure the images that you downloaded are PNGs?
  3. Are you sure the images that you downloaded are in the Pictures folder? Could they be in another folder?

Hey can you also share snapshots of your source code?

Yes, when you click the button “Browse…” the pop-up appears, as shown in the second picture.

Yes, all the images are PNGs. I made sure of that.

No, the pictures are in the same folder as shown in the third picture.

Do you have any idea what is going on :smiling_face_with_tear:?

Here is all the code on GitHub This might help you :grinning:? GitHub - rabbitglauser/ICP-Dfinity--Auction-Platform: Motoko Workshop at CySeP 2024

accept html attribute on your file input should be a mime type e.g. image/png not an extension.