Comcast Business Connectivity Issues to dApps

Hello ICP friends.

I’m Alkiro, I’ve been using ICP since Nov 2021. Some of you might recognize my name from NFT Discords and Twitter. I only dev a tiny bit, but I’m around using dApps (ICP URL’s). I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The last month, or so, I’ve been having connectivity issues to some dApps when using my Comcast Business Internet connection, like right now…


I get an SSL error when I try to browse an NFT:

I get a blank black page when I visit (SSL appears good and I can pull up a valid looking page source?)

I can’t browse collections on Collection data and listings never load.

I get an ICP provided “Page failed to load.” error when I visit (error details show a ‘get request’ to the current URL). Here is where it was suggested I contact the forum.

I cannot send ICP from, or view NFTs in, Stoic Wallet.


Plug Wallet is ok, Distrikt is ok, ICDinos is ok, NNS is ok and Eimolad is ok.
Everything outside of the ICP dApps above is working fine.

If I switch my Internet connect over to cellular, the dApps above start working.

If I reboot my Comcast router, the dApps above start working… but for only a few minutes and then they break again.

Thanks for you patience on my explanations and for bringing in a support issue. I’ve been using too much cellular data and so I’m trying to figure this out, lol. This is my main internet service for home/office and I’m in contract for another year.

The issue carries over to multiple devices, so it appears to be specific to the Comcast Business internet line. I’m not really sure what else to test or try next to see what could be happening? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,