Ubuntu VM on MacBook M1 - dfx install - unknown CPU type: aarch64

I have Ubuntu Desktop 22, running in a VM on VMWare Fusion, on a MacBook Pro with an M1 (Apple Silicon) processor. When I try to install dfx with:

sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL https://sdk.dfinity.org/install.sh)"

I get the following error:
“dfinity-sdk: unknown CPU type: aarch64”

Here is the Ubuntu image I installed: https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/jammy/daily-live/current/jammy-desktop-arm64.iso.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We understand that you are seeking support for using dfx on an arm64 architecture. However, we regret to inform you that at this time, we do not provide arm64 releases of dfx.

In order to use dfx on an arm64 device, we recommend utilizing an x64 emulator. By running an emulator that supports x64 architecture, you should be able to execute dfx on your arm64 system. There are several emulators available that can help you achieve this, such as QEMU or VirtualBox.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and understand that it may not be the ideal solution. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to improve our offerings. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the emulator setup, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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If you want native aarch64 Linux support, you can try out Introducing ic-nix, a ready made, cross-platform, and bleeding edge dev environment!. The recent build 20230704 has pre-compiled binary for both aarch64 darwin and linux.

If you already have nix installed, it is as easy as one command to launch into a shell with dfx and all other tools:

nix-shell https://github.com/ninegua/ic-nix/releases/download/20230704/dfx-env.tar.gz
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