Canister SDK on Apple M1 chip machine

what are your experience regarding IC with the Apple M1 chip?

  • Is the Canister SDK (dfx) running under this architect?
  • What are you experience on that kind of platform?


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  • it already has been fixed. so dfx can running under M1 corrently if you install the Rosetta provided by Apple official.
  • For over a year, I’ve only had this problem with the M1: In the past, the rust in the ic repository required a certain version in 2020, but the rust toolchain of that version could not be installed on M1. But now there is no such problem
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Hi thank you for your response. If I understand you correct, on an Apple with M1 chip, with rosetta 2 emulation dfx is working correctly, without rosetta 2 dfx is not working, right?

Yes, correct.

I still think there may be some issues with running dfx in docker on an M1 mac, kindly investigate this please.

ok, I will give it a try, lets see what happened.

been using it for a couple of months without any issues

ok, thanks about some infos I’m a little worried about this step to buy a new Mac !

Eric and I on the SDK team have been developing full-time on M1 Macbook pros for the past three months


Docker works, all good.

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