Introducing ic-nix, a ready made, cross-platform, and bleeding edge dev environment!

  • Want to build latest of replica, motoko, dfx, etc. straight from source? Check!
  • Wonder where to get pre-built binaries? Check!
  • One liner to start canister development without waiting for official release? Check!
  • It is cross-platforms ready! Native on m1 macbooks, anyone? Check!
  • All system canisters and did files in one place? Check!
  • Looking for obscure binaries such as ic-prep or ic-admin? Check!

For example, to start canister development with platform-native dfx binaries in less than 10 seconds! (network conditions apply):


This will download pre-built binaries if your platform is supported by Github CI. But also offers an option if you decide to build from source (which may take quite a while)!

Because Github has yet to support aarch64, so for m1 macbook the only option now is to build from source (add --arg force true to the above command). So not quite ready made, but still it absolutely works! :grin: Edit: I uploaded pre-built binaries for aarch64 in this release. Enjoy!

New releases will automatically be made on a weekly basis. Or you can make PRs to have github build for you!

For non nix users, you can still check out the binaries nevertheless, if you are curious.


Just curious, do people in the community ever build the replica themselves? I can’t imagine why they would do so (even for node providers). In any case, thanks for sharing!

It is mostly because I had my 5 year old surface book replaced by a m1 macbook :grin:

But also I think it is good to get the knowledge out there “anyone can build all binaries”.