Trustworthy API's?


Can someone help me understand, from a technical point, how apps created on the IC (internet computer) would be more trustworthy to work with?

Today we use API’s to access data from companies like facebook. But if Facebook was built on the internet computer, how would these accesses work and what would stop companies from revoking these accesses?


Hey there. Unfortunately, I don’t know the real algorithm, but here are some of my own thoughts.

Dfinity is just a DLT after all. It uses blockchain to store data. Everything that is stored inside this blockchain is stored forever. IC app is just a couple of transactions in these terms - we just know how to interpret them right. App’s API methods invocations are also transactions. API method non-revoke mark is also transaction. When node sees this mark it thinks “now, when I detect any change to that API method, I will reject it, like I reject every other invalid transaction”.

So when you next time update your IC app, a node will run a migration mechanism for it and detect if your change to this app affected marked methods, and if so it will reject such a transaction.