Problem neuron followee

Hello there again,

I have another problem that came to light.
So the thing is, i wandet to adjust one of my neurons his followers.
When i came to “Manage neurons”, that neuron was following the Dfinity foundation. When i pressed x next to dfinity foundation to delete and add another one, the whole thing was just gone.
No more “Manage neurons” visible in the list, i cant find or add it anywhere.

So this brings us to another problem, you cant merge 2 neurons in to 1 beceause they are not following the same anymore.
The ony thing left is like to delete from the other neuron that i want to merge them into 1 also the “manage neurons” topic .
Its very weard that it just dissapeard complete. Any toughts on this to re-add that follow topic “manage neurons” again in to the list?