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Show me which one has such huge inflation like ICP ? But it still can succeed

deen sun <>于2022年12月6日 周二上午6:27写道:

Dot, Solana, cosmos? Did you even check?


I have checked. make 100% sure.

if u don’t know how to check, pls to learn it on the internet!

@Inch_Deen Can you please rephrase your thread title to NOT have the “infinite huge inflation” phrasing which is technically wrong, but most importantly it is misleading?

People are actively engaging with your thoughts and beliefs as good actors. So renaming would go a long way towards a civil discussion without hyperbole.

After all, effective minting rate is currently 3.7%… does this sound like a big problem in great scheme of things?

To be honest, I do not understand your comments in this thread and others. I am willing to concede there may be some typing or language issues, so just take it as honest feedback:

  • I honestly believe whatever point you are trying to make is NOT coming through
  • i honestly believe staking + node provider minting rate is a secondary issue considering the effective numbers. You may have a point in what the perception of the minting rate is, which people think is high (but is not), and a false narrative which ironically your post further espouses.

Again, I am asking you to please change the title on this thread to something less inflammatory or I will lock the thread. It is my role to have non-reactionary, non-inflammatory dialogues.

I am still here, pls remember , no matter how many account u forbid, i will still create new. If i want to say i will create a new account. i don’t believe u can forbid all of mine, because I have hundreds thousand email account.

  1. To reiterate, I did not say anything about banning, only locking the thread so you can iterate and try creating a fresh one with the feedback.

  2. This new post by you (with new user account) actually does not signal much intent to have a constructive dialogue. This is the first time I considered banning the previous account. And while the totality of comments you have made is not really helpful or constructive… it was not until this moment right now that I wondered if you have have troll-ish intent. Please prove my suspicions wrong by acting in good faith (repeating same accusations and not listening to people and using hyperbolic language is not acting in good faith).