Tokenism need to change

The current burning rate of ICP and the currency ICP price are insignificant compared with the NNS pledge return plus the node operator’s fee inflation.

Even with the integration of BTC and the launch of SNS-1, it is impossible to make the CYCLE BURN RATE more than 10,000 times.
We all know that under such a model, ICP will never be able to enter deflation. Whether the Dfinity team has a way to deal with it, the economic model is more important than any technology in the crypto world, which is why all tokens strive for deflation.

Exactly how many times the incineration rate should increase?
It would be nice if the dashboard displayed in real time how much burns needed to increase to reach the deflation.

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ICP management is dominated by technicians. Technicians are not even aware that the survival of the ICP project depends on tokenomics. When you overemphasize this, they think they are solving their problem by deleting your post. It saddens me that it is ignored in the market because of bad toenomics of this quality project.

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are you a professor of toenomics?

For now, about 1100 ICP are minted every 15 minutes, and 1 ICP burned. This means, newly minted are 1000x times as burned.

Even if I am not professor but i still know this ICP tokenomics is totall wrong, so if some one was, they will criticise much more !