Time to attract my bitcoin people to icp

I plan to release the first Nft collection "Bitcoin OG artworks"exclusively on Icp.
The collection was conceived as a retrospective exhibition of my crypto art paintings that were sold in the period 2013-2017. The owners of the paintings are early Bitcoin investors and entrepreneurs.

The interesting thing about this collection is that none of the owners, nor the public in general, have ever seen the entire collection in its entirety. It was kept for 10 years on the hard disk of my computer.So I decided to reveal this well kept secret for the first time.
In any case, this will be the first opportunity for the owners to purchase a digital nft version of an art painting that they bought long time ago and own in real.
And first time to research the Icp ecosystem and get involved .

Should I first give the icp community the opportunity to mint the collection and then notify the owners that the collection has been published or notify the owners before minting?

Some of clients:
Matthew Roszak

Dan Larimer

Christian Ander

Josh Zerlan

Evan Duffield

And many more…

Guess how many paintings are in this collection ?
To help a bit,I will say it is between 50-150.
Leave your number bellow.