Time for Foundation to build first/second-party Dapps?

The situation with ICP right now reminds me somewhat of iPhone circa 2008. IC as a platform, is clearly next-gen, and has a much distinct ambition from other chains. The current batch of dApps on it? Well it’s a mixed bag … (didn’t mean to ignore good work from Distrikt, etc.). Yes ICP is relatively young as a platform, but even with that factored in, I’m not quite sure ICP has attracted some of the best app devs/designers yet (vs. other chains and web2 co.)

Apple’s strategy back then was (at least) two-prongs: build really good first-party app that simply isn’t impossible on other platforms (a full browser: Safari), and also co-build apps/games with second-parties (Google Maps, Monkey Ball, etc.) - in fact they had many of those engineers work inside apple office secretly. That sets the bar for third-party devs and demonstrated optimal mobile native experience.

I think it’s time - if it hasn’t already - for the foundation to have some nimble, in-house teams to build serious and polished first/second-party dApps to demonstrate its vision of real Web3 experience. Could also be worthwhile to acquire a top web2/web3 app or game dev/design team (and independently launch products).

Building those dapps should also provide very direct feedback to platform teams.

A particular set of attractive dapps would be real Web3 replacements of web2 tools crypto (ETH/Polka/Polygon/etc.) devs / traders / VC influencers use today - but requiring minimal network effects:

  • Podcast player + hosting, with donation / paid subscription support.
  • A modern deal-oriented Docusign with cryptographic signature and encrypted doc (shudn’t all crypto investment done on this?). Captable support would be another big plus.
  • Blogging with ICP/Cycle USD payment (like mirror.xyz).
  • Internet Identity-based “Google Docs”, with e2e encryption, membership and ICNS
  • on-chain npm for IC libraries and dapps with CLI
  • on-chain git service and CLI

That’s of course not at all intended to slow down community building efforts, but rather to complement it and attract more developers by showcasing native Web3 exp.



Can mobile phone + node + wallet + ICP ecological store be realized?

On it, coming soon.

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They are funding the seed of a number of dapps: Bounty - QuickStart Dapp - Scaling With Canisters

Maybe one of these samples turns into something bigger.

Yes, mass usage of wallets and integration to people that for now are outside of crypto.

Dudes, im a newbie on this formu and trying to absorb as a sponge what you are creating. You got great product and amazing DEV creations that need to be shown to world.

Basics are doing atleast SMM for inner community to keep it strong and informed.
After moving to new teritories reaching out crypto enthusiasts, can use same tactics as other networks do by implemeting best practices.
Next getting to people that are not in crypto by educating them about ICP and blockchain.

@toysrtommy will try to structurise all mentioned above and create a plan how Dfinity can become much louder and noticable.

Best of luck to community, your doin great!

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