The Geoff Jacobs Endowment Fund

  • I would donate for this (time/ ICP)
  • I would/will donate only if the investigator shows it’s a real situation
  • This is their fault not mine I do not care. Get off my feed.
  • I think this is fake
  • No. I will not donate.
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Hello all,

Have you ever been scammed, duped, or virtually robbed? Do you know anyone whose been a victim of cyber-related crimes? Has some jerk-off ever taken your lunch money in middle school and you secretly wished you could punch them in the tit, crotch, or genital region? Or maybe, you’ve just read a story that made your butthole pucker and it not even be related to you at all?

Well, on May 2nd, 2024, some jackoff named Sebastian did just this to one of our very own community members @Onadrac … (see

They used a temporary moment of stress, confusion, and anxiety to manipulate the caller @Onadrac into sadly entering a hoax site with the intent to steal their Internet Identity and all of the assets attached.

This is an ongoing investigation. He has provided the investigator’s name, and I’ve tracked that investigator down. They are all over social media, and if you look at his particular geographic location, he is all over the state department’s website. He is waiting to hear back from them to see if they would be willing to make a formal video or some type of statement validating this event, and making sure that this is not a deep fake or scam. Everything appears to be valid and the investigator he mentioned seems very reputable.

Please see his previous posts to see more conversations

Unfortunately, as we all know in the IC community deep fakes are a real and serious issue. It’s so bad that I’m sure Individuals will probably think this is a deepfake. It’s so bad, that bad means bad again.

It has created a culture we need to be active, diligent, humble, and resilient to overcome. We need to make bad mean good again.

How can we overcome such a monumental task you ask?

The same way we develop on the IC. Together. Slowly. Over time. As a well-oiled machine. We need to be like Bruce Lee. We need to be water.

What am I asking of you?

  1. To pitch in and donate any amount of ICP you can reasonably afford to, towards replacing Geoff Jacobs stolen funds.

  2. Donate your time (if any) to helping this new group actualize

  3. Donate your experience. We all know how talented this community is. If we can get kind-hearted people to donate their time and experience we can get the crowdfunding part of helping Geoff Jacobs through this terrible experience.

  4. Give ideas and feedback, work the ideas, and run them through with us! Pitch in and help wherever you fit in, or just if you think it’s useful for the cause.

  5. Your space, or your virtual space that is. If anyone feels urged or drawn to share and help get a wider audience it would be great. I do not use social media because I think Zark Mukerburger is a punk and Elon Tusk is an overrated diva that can lick my bootyhole. Plus I’m riddled with mental health issues and would tell the unlimited scammers to KO themselves until I have a stroke and die before seeing this through… That’s probably the main reason…

  6. Experienced developers pitch in and let us know if there is a community wallet function on the IC where users can donate (anonymously or not) and it only be controlled by the decided team.

  7. If anyone in the USA has an established 501(c)3 that would act as a fiscal intermediary of sorts so no one has to create a huge taxable event on their taxes. It’s the worst part about it (I know), but I know you executives out there have the skillsets I do not (yet) lol and I need to run these ideas past community members.

How do I know this is real?

Geoff is getting in touch with his investigator and is willing to work with them, work with us in showing this is a valid situation, what he says, and how this happened. This was an elaborate well planned, and choreographed event. I’m asking to wait for any of the donations to materialize until that happens… Perhaps even a local news article/ story on the event would be great as well…

We are all waiting on this… We just need to start somewhere and I offered my time. I apologize for the turnaround time.

Why should you donate or care?

What this individual did was foul and he did it to one of our community members. It means it’s open season for ALL of us. We should all stand together and make it clear if they steal from one of us, they steal from all of us. It means next time you have a bad day you better not pick up your phone, or go on your computer.

What happens after you collect the donations?

After donations are collected a group of individuals could be voted in by all the donors via a 1:1 voting system and those individuals could all have to approve the transfer of donated funds to a new account for Geoff. Or, this could be determined later at the discretion of anyone/ everyone donating.

What happens to funds if they get caught?

A few things could happen…

  1. Developers and community members could all get their ICP returned after they are done being tied up in legal nonsense. OR they could all be returned and used again as a permanent foundation or scholarship per se, or the “Geoff Jacobs Endowment Fund” I am calling it.

  2. This fund could be used for any/ all future individuals this happens to specifically in the IC community. As a show of support for those deeply impacted by these malicious actors.

  3. We could even open it past 15000 and anything past that is specifically for others. I would like to see donors be able to write it off in their taxes (why I asked for 501(c)3 specifically). If not, it wouldn’t end the campaign.

What happens if they never get caught/ funds are never returned

The funds could never be returned as well… This person may never get caught so there is that possibility as well.

Please only donate ICP you are okay never seeing again and are only using for the intent of donating. Keep in mind it is a donation first. This could never become an endowment fund or return your ICP. ONLY donate what you can… Even if all you can donate is time and experience that is just as important.

What’s next/ Actionable steps

  1. Vote on this post if you would be/ are receptive to donating to this specific cause

  2. Join the conversation, be serious about this (you can have humor though), offer your time, be respectful, watch out for ways to donate, and of course get the word out that there is some jerkwad doing this.

  3. Give @Onadrac some support when you see them. This has to be intense and stressful for him and his wife.

EDIT: I want to make it clear the raised/ donated funds will be held in a community wallet Neither I nor Geoff Jacobs (@Onadrac) will have or want full control of the donations. I want no authority, power, or control over this wallet. I would prefer it require several people like the football/ nuke codes lol If funds are collected and raised I want no one person to have control over it. This is not a money grab.

If the funds are not raised the donors can have their ICP tokens back, or can discuss that amongst themselves as donors.

I do not want this to be seen as an attempt to raise money for a fake situation where the money is then maliciously used. Hence why I asked experienced developers to pitch in time or their already established infrastructure to help make this a full community wallet.