The Direction on AI is What

If you hold up a Fist you will be Punched
If you hold up a Knife you will be Stabbed
If you hold up a Explosive you will be Blow Up
If you hold up a Peace Flag ?

AI has been claimed to hold up the ability to replace mankind which is the same as being wiped out.

To me, AI is like a family unit that has a child and that child grows up learning the knowledge and practices of the parent which in turn sees a child that thinks and acts like the parents and they reward the child with comments on how right and good they are.

Other parents see other children and their parents and think and feel differently.

But when the child behaves differently to the parents the child is rejected but the child will always find simular rejected children with the same knowledge level and ideals.

While I am typing AI tells me that simular is misspelled and unable to suggest a correction that I meant similar yet I am able to see that I type the word wrong and know the answer?

After testing AI myself I see differently to the founders of AI, it’s no big deal and its components are built on and controlled by the generations before.

I had an electric car 50 years ago and all I see is the taking of learned and created technology from the elders by faking and stealing by rejected groups of children or a child taking ownership then claiming never before seen brilliance.

An example would be the length of a women’s dress over the decades that covered the ankles and in my teens was called the mini skirt to the current, Paris walkway that displays clear material to view parts of the body that are not seen with a mini shirt, it’s still a dress.

Seems we have a new AI SAM and his family of followers that wants to take away the current laws and standards, in reality that demonstrate a family unit of same thinking and holding up a software and hardware to take over and destroy mankind, take a look at the outcome of the other SAM, SAM, you too could be trading fish for a haircut.

AI is only filling in the gaps that old technology was not able to fulfill like the electric car I had, it was called a slot car which has progressed to a current old design electric car. How are autonomous cars going at this time, not ready to take over the steering wheel or brake pedal just yet being built on flimsy rare earths and inefficient infrastructure, autonomous cars amongst mankind would be a not seen before technology.

This parent is not impressed.

The IC is a broadband infrastructure rebranded as something totally new but in reality built on old infrastructure but used outside of the current laws and standards to be used in a way that could potentially harm humankind.

My point above amounts to as humans we can FOLLOW or be a VISIONARY.

Dfinity has created a project that has a new and fresh approach to using old infrastructure and giving it choices to approved or rejected children to hold up their ideals to make or destroy mankind.

What you call AI I call a decision on who you decided to follow.

Delusionals: Holdup a fist, knife or gun to mankind like a gamer without a reset
Visionaries: That see a better way forward best for all.

Following AI you have two choices to reject or approve. Depends if you want to trade fish or a better life for all.

I see the comment about how much funding or tokens are locked up in the 8 year group as a show of positive support but I would challenge that statement with a mock proposal for everyone to vote on, unlocking stake coins to see if that perception holds up?

Just as the perception of Decentralized government will be a better solution when all I have seen is infighting between accepted and rejected stakeholders that seem disappointed and like a hung parliament where stakeholders are tired and burnt out.

Is not the IC an autonomous vehicle with Dfinity on the brake and steering wheel, the software the AI and the Defunct stakeholders the code of decisions making, stuck in a loop.

Dominic, you are FOLLOWING the AI direction and I will be watching which way you take us, to create what is right or what is easy, glad to see a little more sparking on your part but still lacking that extension to your visionary concept that has parts that need to be improved to spark the tired and burnt out.

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Very interesting to read. Although not everything you’re saying is clear. You’re speaking very archaically so it would be really nice to have a summary of what you’re saying?

AI summarizes it as follows:

The author expresses skepticism about AI and technological advancements, comparing AI to a child learning from and sometimes rebelling against its parents. They imply that while AI may seem innovative, it’s often just an extension of previous technologies, such as electric cars being an evolution of earlier models. The author is critical of the idea of AI and new technologies replacing human roles, seeing this as a destructive path rather than a beneficial one. They also draw parallels between fashion trends and technological advancements, suggesting that new developments are often repackaged versions of older ideas. Overall, the author seems to advocate for a more visionary approach to technology, one that respects and builds upon the past rather than dismissing it.


Well thanks for that lol