ELNA Moving Forward: Exciting Updates, Milestones and LBP

We’re thrilled to bring you some incredible updates since last Post! ELNA has been making waves in the decentralized AI space, and we want to share the latest highlights with you.

We want to express our gratitude to the ELNA community members who have been actively participating in discussions on the DFINITY forum. Your engagement has been a catalyst, accelerating ELNA’s development and progress. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm as we work together to democratize AI on the Internet Computer.

ELNA LBP 1 is live : https://lbp.sonic.ooo/pools/vwk7l-ciaaa-aaaah-adpjq-cai

Featured in DFINITY Foundation Global R&D: ELNA’s groundbreaking work has caught the attention of the DFINITY Foundation Global R&D team. Being featured here is a testament to the innovative strides we’re making in democratizing AI on the Internet Computer.

Productive Meeting with Shruti Sutwala and Dominic Woerner: We had the privilege of hosting a highly supportive meeting with Shruti Sutwala and Dominic Woerner from DFINITY. Their insights and guidance are invaluable as we continue to shape the future of AI within the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Prototype Completion: ELNA has made significant progress in the development of our application. We’ve successfully completed the prototype, which includes essential functionality and an intuitive user interface. This milestone brings us closer to delivering a seamless and user-friendly AI platform.

See our demo: https://app.elna.live/

AMA Session with Boxy Dude: Our recent Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session with Boxy Dude was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community, answer questions, and share our vision for ELNA’s future.

Podcast with Blockchain Pill: ELNA’s journey was also featured in a podcast with Blockchain Pill. We discussed our mission, goals, and the transformative potential of democratized AI on the Internet Computer.

Meeting with Boom Dao: ELNA recently had a productive meeting with Boom Dao. We’re excited about the potential synergies and opportunities that emerged from this engagement.

Publication of Whitepaper and Token Economics: We’re thrilled to announce that ELNA’s comprehensive whitepaper and token economics have been published. These documents provide in-depth insights into our vision, technical details, and the dual-token system that drives ELNA.

Read the ELNA white paper > https://docs.elna.live/

Dual-Token Economics with Elixir: ELNA introduces a dual-token system, with Elixir serving as a utility token within the ELNA platform. Similar to cycles in the Internet Computer, Elixir empowers the creation of customized chatbots and facilitates AI interactions. This unique approach enhances the usability and sustainability of our ecosystem.

ELNA LBP Now Live in Sonic: The Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) for ELNA is now live on Sonic.

Join LBP : https://lbp.sonic.ooo/pools/vwk7l-ciaaa-aaaah-adpjq-cai

This is a golden opportunity for investors! Here are the advantages:

  • LBP 1 Supporters: Get ready for a 20x reward! Every token bought during LBP 1 will be multiplied by 20, providing a remarkable return on investment.

  • LBP 2 Supporters: Even if you miss LBP 1, there’s still a chance to benefit. LBP 2 supporters will receive a 5x reward for their participation.

  • Elixir Airdrop: That’s not all! Every token holder will also receive an airdrop of Elixir, our utility token. Elixir is the fuel that powers ELNA’s AI ecosystem, enabling the creation of custom chatbots and enhancing AI interactions.

ELNA Timeline for the Future:

  • Q1-Q2: Foundation Building (Done)
  • Q1: Focus on establishing the core infrastructure of ELNA.
  • Q2: Implement wallet integration and vector embedding for efficient data management.
  • Q2-Q3: Inference Engine Deployment
  • Q2: Begin deploying the full inference engine within canisters for responsive AI interactions.
  • Q3: Complete deployment, ensuring users experience reduced latency and improved AI responsiveness.
  • Q3-Q4: Fine-Tuning and Optimization
  • Q3: Introduce fine-tuning capabilities within canisters, enabling user customization.
  • Q4: Implement advanced methods like QloRA for efficient weight storage.
  • Q4 and Beyond: Standalone LLM Agents
  • Beyond Q4: Explore the development of standalone Large Language Models (LLMs) within the Internet Computer ecosystem.
  • Ongoing: Partnerships and Collaborations, User and Community Engagement, Continual Innovation.

AI examples available for the IC are using Burn-rs. Burn-rs has limited ONNX functionality. Can you speak to what Rust crate you are using?


But anyone with a bit of common sense knows that this simply cannot be done.

Nothing is impossible, it’s just an engineering problem that will be solved


HI @hehe ,

Totally get where you’re coming from – it’s a wild ride trying to fit those big language models into the Internet Computer ecosystem. :rocket: Initially, we were like, “Whoa, instruction limits, memory struggles, where’s the GPU party at?” :sweat_smile:

But hold onto your hat, because Dominic spilled the beans on some seriously cool behind-the-scenes action. Check out his posts – they’re like the backstage pass to the ICP magic show.



We’ve been straight shooters in our AMAs, podcasts, and posts, admitting it might sound impossible. However, things are flipping around, and we’re riding this wave of change. :man_surfing: So, buckle up and dive into those posts – they might just change your “hehe” into a “whoa”! :star2:

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