To the Dfinity Teams

To the Dfinity Teams
I would like to acknowledge my support and investment into this project. Even better, I receive rewards for my investment for just being a follower and would like to acknowledge the hard work and progress of this project.

My interest in crypto is based on my conclusion that all Governments in this world will make their currencies worthless and just become welfare providers and will have to create more debt or forgive debt.

During this process I have had to learn many new concepts like Decentralized which as I understand it came about from the monopolies of top tech companies and their behavior.

I believe that the process of Decentralization is why we can make proposals and all ICP neurons holders can vote for changes to better this project outcome and therefore we all will be rewarded for the success of the IC.

Personally I don’t believe that Decentralization is working and in my opinion we are seeing many centralized neuron holders trying to monopolize and manipulate other neurons holders for self benefit.

They are now calling Dfinity teams names and making allegations of being centralized, selfish, greedy and manipulative which in my opinion is how these neuron holders are behaving.

I would hope that the teams are not listening to those who name call as they themselves have achieved nothing and I say this because I believe people who behave this way are themselves destructive and should not be given the time.

I believe that following this project that not only talks the talk but has built the current system as per their vision are the people I want to control and steer this project forward. I have no concerns for your leadership but have many concerns about the reckless comments of those who name-call and claim to have better ideas and answers while denouncing your successes.


Hey, I loved the share! Look up how Decentralization can be used in other fields of study, like communication (mainly organizational communication). I had similar issues with the language learning curve. Except, I had to replace the context and way I used the words lol It’s weird for sure! I know this does not address any of your other concerns or questions raised. I just wanted to give that feedback!