Technical Working Group: Governance

I agree that a “call to action on a ‘meta governance’ discussion” is definitely in order. However, I don’t think separation of powers and term limits addresses the more fundamental problem: that no collective prioritization method currently exists in any DAO, including the NNS. Political “solutions” are, at best, just limits or constraints upon dictatorship, which is the prevailing decision-making method when prioritization is required in large organizations. Prioritization represents true power, since that is how conflicts between competing alternatives, evaluators and decision criteria are resolved.

As part of my upcoming PhD studies, I have already offered DFINITY my time to explore and experiment with collective prioritization methods that could truly decentralize power. However, there appears to be no interest whatsoever from anyone at DFINITY in this collaboration, even when it would involve no investment on their part. Therefore, I honestly don’t see this discussion going anywhere.

I would only be interested in pursuing this discussion if it might lead to a change or improvement to the IC in the foreseeable future, I don’t see that happening as long as no one at DFINITY is even willing to acknowledge that a “prioritization chasm” currently exists in both the NNS and SNS governance. It is simply not possible for power to be decentralized until this chasm is crossed. However, most individuals have great difficulty acknowledging this stark reality.