Technical Working Group: Governance

Governance Technical Working Group

Introducing the Governance Technical Working Group.


Initial Intent

The initial intent of this working group is to create a formal space to discuss and specify proposals for enhancing the NNS governance system. The working group itself will choose its own focus and scope within that broader intent.


The working group will be coordinated by @emmaperetti and will initially be led by three individuals representing different groups of time zones:

This is just the initial leadership, the working group can discuss changes in leadership (e.g. rolling changes per quarter).

Voting, Publishing, and Discussing

We’re going to experiment with using GitHub as a place for us to govern the working group itself. Here is the repository. The will of the working group will be represented by documents in the working group, and consensus will be formed with GitHub issues and reactions.

More informal discussions can take place in the dedicated Discord or in the forum.

First Meeting

Our first meeting will be held on September 29 at 3pm UTC (see the calendar). The purpose of the first meeting will be to decide the focus of the working group and possibly begin to discuss concrete improvements to the NNS and their importance.

You can make proposals for the focus and scope of the group in this GitHub issue. Please come to the first meeting prepared with a GitHub account. Though we are using GitHub, we expect this group to be less technical in nature than the other working groups.


Thank you @lastmjs @bjoernek @brutoshi .

I have posted my thoughts on potential scope of the group on Github as proposed: What should be the focus and scope of the Governance Technical Working Group? · Issue #1 · dfinity/wg-governance · GitHub


It is urgent a WG for tokenomics

Fwiw, I agree with you, I know many others do too. Stay tuned.

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Thanks Diego we appreciate it

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May I ask what exactly DFINITY intends to do with 49% dead neurons will forever follow the DFINITY vote?

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A neuron (like DFINITY’s) has no ability to change do anything to its followers. Only the followers can change this.

You did not ask, but I think periodic confirmation of relationships is healthy and in scope for the working group to discuss.

Side note: I am not quite sure how you define a “dead neuron” nor how 49% was derived, but I believe i answered the main intent to your question.


I have added a new proposed property to what an ideal NNS could look like based on discussion we had at the first GWG: What should be the focus and scope of the Governance Technical Working Group? · Issue #1 · dfinity/wg-governance · GitHub


Was the meeting recorded ?

find here recording from Septeber 29: Passcode Required - Zoom
Passcode: %.&FX4Y%

@lastmjs FYI


Would you please continue recording these, and posting links for newer users looking to be involved/ stay up to date from a distance?


As agreed in our last meeting, just scheduled our next meeting on October 6, 7am CEST.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 945 0254 6279
Passcode: 390741

Invite can be found in the technical working group calendar: