Technical Working Group: Developer Tooling

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Hey everybody,

Last call was more of a free flow conversation between IC enthusiasts and it was quite fun! For the next one we will have Jason present and discuss a new change that will be added to the SDK called “system wide dfx”

I hope to see you all there on the next one July 7th 19:00 CET. Use the following link to view the up to date calendar.

If there are any topics you would like to bring in yourself please post them here or in the DEV discord

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New working group starting in 5m!

Hey everybody,

This Thursday at 7pm CEST we’ll have the next session of the Developer Tooling WG with the following agenda:

  • @dfx-json will give an update on the roadmap of DFINITY’s SDK Team
  • @oss and @qti3e of Psychedelic will present on the upcoming alpha release of IC-Kit 0.5. IC-Kit is a canister development kit written in Rust with the goal to provide a consistent development experience using high-level abstractions designed with canister interoperability in mind.

Here’s the Zoom link.


Here are the recording and the updated meeting notes.


Hey devs,

Today at 7pm CEST is the next Developer Tooling WG with the following agenda:

  • @oss discussion on providing canister build environment data in the state tree metadata
  • @lwshang and @mikhail-turilin discussion on metadata in canister wasm related to the upcoming dfx pull feature

Hope to see many of you!

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Updated Meeting Notes and Recording.

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Hey devs :building_construction:,

Tomorrow Thursday at 6 pm CET (Europe switched to winter time last weekend) is the next Developer Tooling WG. There’s not much on the agenda, so if you want to present or discuss something there’s still time to reach out! In any case, it’s a chance to meet and ask your questions to the SDK team.

@dfx-json will give an update on the SDK roadmap and the next generation of Motoko development
@Gabriel Wants to talk about issues with actor factories and his workarounds using ic-repl and didc

Note also that @lwshang posted an RFC for a standard to structure canister metadata, which we discussed in the last meeting: [RFC] Canister Metadata Standard.


Update Meeting Notes and Recording for the meeting 2022/11/03.