Switching to UI-created identity & canister creation

I’m attempting to get started with Internet Computer. I created an Internet Identity and have transferred ICP via the NNS. In attempting to work through the tutorial via the command line, I wanted to swap over to using the identity that I transferred ICP to, but haven’t been able to do this so far.

I know that the command ‘dfx identity import’ exists, but requires a .pem file. Is there a way to export this from the internet identity UI?

I am also currently unable to create a canister via NNS. When I try, I get the error ‘Error - ,81615,No subnets in which to create a canister.’

Is there a way to resolve either of these currently?

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Hey there, welcome to the forum!

It’s (afaik) not possible to export the secrets from the registered devices on the II.

The Team is still in the process of adding subnets, so you can’t deploy on mainnet for now. This might take a couple more days and then you’re free to go :slight_smile: