How to create Internet Identity Anchor/Account/Principal using DFX CANISTER CALL?

I have been playing around with the Internet Identity canister dev build/flavour.

Creating multiple users every time i dfx stop and start is slowing me down because I have to go to local-internet-identity canister page to create them all. Is there a way to automate what I want to do?

In the candid page, I see create_challenge() and register() but I’m not sure how to use it.

how about using a bash script?

sorry, i mean what should be the process flow of creating an identity, like what functions to call first and what should be their parameters, how to generate the device public key, etc.

I’m reading this in the meantime:

I’ll ping the team. But here’s a workaround:

If you don’t do dfx start with --clean then you can start from the previous state. And if you want to create new canisters without redeploying the local II, you can just delete the canister IDs in .dfx/local/canister_ids.json

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Here is a bash script I made to create local dummy identities.

Does this help?