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Here’s the narrative.
The NFTs are the Trojan Horse of crypto. They are “transferrable memes” that allow building a community around an initiative. It’s crowdfunding on steroids. The project to support doesn’t have to be a crypto initiative, and tbh, it better not be. We have HUGE issues to solve on local community levels all over the globe. And NFTs are great to drive capital where it needs to go.

Internet Computer is uniquely positioned because you can store anything on the crypto cloud. It makes for an ideal NFT platform, because it doesn’t have limits, is very cost-optimal, etc. It’s amazing.

But also, we have the Internet Identity which is a novelty by itself. It is 100% the easiest way to create and hold a crypto account securely. It is also, thus, the best way to get access to NFTs for non-crypto people. If I would like to make a local community project but make a global digital NFT project to source the capital (which I do), I would like my grandmato also be able to participate. Right now, Internet Computer, and crypto in general, is for the ones who are already inside. It should be however accessible/ approachable for all.

There’s one thing missing. Some familiar hook. The first touch. And that is the Internet Identity canister being multilingual.

And that’s what I propose to implement. Ideally, this could be a composable library that helps make any canister multilingual. Any developers or groups interested in building this out? Supernova sounds also suitable for this.

If I were doing this I would make a PR against the Internet Identity repo to integrate something like FormatJS.

The PR would replace hard-coded strings with formatted messages and add a locale file for en-US. From there people wishing to add support for other languages would need to make PRs that provide new locale files.

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Okay, that’s a good start. But approving translations is tricky. We dont want erronous language to get to II. Its difficult for neurons to handle these proposals.

Or maybe google translate offers enough clues that the text is good enough.

Hi there!

I try to follow Internet Identity posts and missed this one; next time you could post this in the Internet Identity category to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Completely agreed. This is on our roadmap, but not very high priority. We’re figuring out some details regarding external contributions; after that, we’d love to receive a patch that enables i18n! We’re also working on some UX fixes and adding things like user friendly wizards. Hopefully it’ll soon be easy enough for your grandma to participate!