Internet Identity and other suggested improvements

I’ll dive right into the suggestions.

  • Add more methods of creating, logging in and authenticating with an Internet Identity.

Allowing people to do this with software such as the Plug Wallet or MetaMask would be very ideal. Not everyone have Windows Hello, biometric capabilities (on their phones) or a security key. With the two options, more people can join the IC with software that they are familiar with (i.e., MetaMask) or even use the Plug Wallet and still have a familiar experience, not worrying about if their hardware is compatible or not.

  • Remove the [Installing “Internet Computer Validating Service Worker”] page.

It is quite annoying for this to popup every time you visit a site on the IC. Also think it may come off as a bit sketchy for someone checking out an IC website for the first time. Imagine, you’re going to a normal web2 website and the first thing you see on your screen before the site load is that something is installing. Though I’m fully aware of how things work, it could scare some people off as not everyone is like us here.

  • Allow users to view and manage which websites are connected to their Internet Identity

Having the ability to manage our Identity is essential. There should be a dashboard that allows you to see which websites your Identity is being linked to with the ability to unlink/remove them. As of now, this doesn’t seem possible.

I’ll add more as they come to mind.


Very good ideas. The service message is very tacky and annoying. I am sure we will many updates to II in the future.

I wonder if the validation that the service worker does, could be done via the wallet browser plug-ins such that the service worker would only need to be installed if no wallet is present.

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