Suggestion for Internet Identity Team

I use different Internet Identities for different purposes. For example, one of my Internet Identities I use for social media and another I use as my voting neuron that my other neurons follow.

I think it would be great if we could add editable nicknames to each Internet Identity anchor so we don’t need to remember which is which. Its great that NNS dApp and Internet Identity interface now remember the anchors we’ve used in the past but I sometimes struggle to remember which is which.



Good idea. Another thing I would to is login in using II to be 4 seconds or less. Currently is not bad but feel like it needs to be closer to web too login speed wise.

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Hi @dfisher

Thanks for the suggestion, I like it. :slight_smile:
We are currently undergoing stable memory changes that will give us the storage space required to do stuff like this.

We will have to see, if, how and when we add something like this. But we definitely want to make II more user friendly and convenient to use.


Currently the time it takes to log in the NNS is considered too high per web 2 standard. How do we get it down to 10 seconds? Right now is about 18 seconds from the time that I touch sign in with internet identity to the time that it displays my wallet in the NNS.

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Hello, I was wondering at what number did the internet identity start at is it 0 or 10000?