Alias for Identity Anchor

Hi, I’m just wondering if it’s already planned to add optional alias for Identity Anchor on

  • could be used to login so must be unique across II
  • might encourage many people to start using Internet Identity
    • it’s much easier to memorize favorite username rather than a large number
      • E.g. pink_elephant vs 2155078
      • still can be anonymous

I searched the forum for similar topic but didn’t find one, sorry for spam if just overlooked it.


Not sure why they haven’t implemented something like this. This is already a thing in AstroX’s ME wallet.

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@diegop as I’m not sure who would be the best person for this topic please can you help to bring it to the right team?

I forwarded it to the II team.


Please is there any response to this topic? From my understanding (Twitter reactions) it would be an interesting change.

The team said it is very often requested, but they have more important stuff to work on. I’ll try to get someone with a better grasp of their plans to respond…


Thank you, I just know that it’s a real blocker (for II usage) for several folks.

Plus, other than the nick memorization advantage, Web3 shouldn’t be a world where are people treated like a number - that should be just a unique index which is linked to some username.


hi @plsak!

Thanks for reaching out, I’ll try to shed some light.

as @Severin mentioned, that is something that is often requested but which we couldn’t implement easily due to technical reasons (in particular, how II lays out its data in the canister stable memory) and due to other priorities (we tried to focus on cleaning up the design and improving onboarding).

That being said, @bartosz is currently working on improving the data layout, which once completed will make this much simpler to implement! So this should hopefully become a thing in the next quarter or so.

We’ll keep you updated!


Hi @nmattia @Severin @bartosz @dostro, please any progress in this matter?

Thing is that bull market might be close and I feel that some alias or nick for anchor is a prerequisite for II mass adoption.


Hi @plsak,

Thanks for checking in on this. We’ve been pretty busy with other features (related to attribute sharing) but yes, there was progress! @bartosz did complete the foundation work to make this possible.

This is feedback we regularly get; as soon as this new attribute sharing feature is shipped we’ll start looking into how we can make this happen!

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