Sudograph playground doesn't work as intended

Hi folks,

I was following @lastmjs video in Community Conversations | A Talk With Jordan Last - YouTube. But my local sudograph playground doesn’t allow me to type multi-line query. It seems the next line is hidden. And no handy doc tab to let me see the generated schema either, which would be super helpful imo. Same issue for me on this public playground

I tried on Chrome, Chromium, Firfox. Anybody can see the same view as in the video above?

Oct-24-2022 20-50-35

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Hey, so the problem looks like a hard-coded CSS link that isn’t pointed to the correct version anymore. Here’s a quick fix that should get you going:

In the index.html file of your playground canister, add this just after the title element in the head:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
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