Issue with demo

Hello can anyone help me please I am following this example Customize the front-end :: Internet Computer

but when I go to view the canister I just get errors

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Works on my end? What exactly are the errors you are recieving?

thats really strange on chrome I get

and on firefox

here is the error in inspect on chrome

I also tried installing Add a stylesheet :: Internet Computer

but I get the same errors as above

Maybe this is the problem? Did you try and serve the canister from and access it locally?

Another thing you could try is to empty your browser cache.

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I changed the IP address from localhost to the public IP address as I’m running it on a ubuntu server and had no way of accessing localhost


how do you think I should proceed to access the site from an external server?

also thank you so much for your help

Ill run it in a vm to save the hastle

Thank you so much

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