Motoko query builder for Sudograph?

Hi everyone,

Noob in motoko here, I’ve been building out an application and learning at my own pace.

I quickly learned about sudograph which is very cool but I noticed all the examples build the query from the front end.

Do we have a query builder tool for sudograph in motoko?

While on topic has anyone built any validation utility?

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Have you seen the following examples/documentation?

Also @ayjayem I believe has experience with using Sudograph and Motoko in an actual project, perhaps he can shed some more light on practical usage.

Yeah I did see that I was hoping some one made some kind of query builder tool that generates the string so I don’t have to :joy:.

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Yeah there are no GraphQL query builder tools for Motoko. Motoko is very young and doesn’t have very many libraries at all, definitely no GraphQL libraries that I know of.

Good news is that Azle GitHub - demergent-labs/azle: TypeScript/JavaScript CDK for the Internet Computer is coming along very well, and since it allows you to write canisters in TypeScript/JavaScript, you should then be able to use many of the GraphQL tools that people have already built, I assume there are some more mature GraphQL query builders by now.


Personally I like to just write my GraphQL directly, and I have VS Code plugins that do type-checking on them.

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Oo I didn’t even consider using typescript, thanks!

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Keep in mind that Azle is alpha software but you can definitely try it out now

haha, if I was deterred by alpha software I would be coding Spring Boot Apps


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Apologies for the late reply on this! @alejandrade, please reach out if you’d like - not an expert by any means, but I’ve been working with Sudograph over the past months, and love it. Would be happy to offer whatever I can to others who could benefit as well.