Roadmap Update for Week of Aug 16

Hi folks,

It’s great to see the engagement so far with the roadmap microsite and forum category. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming!

To provide a little bit more clarity on what’s to come with this forum and the roadmap microsite over the next week or so…

  • The Foundation team will collate all of the community suggestions
  • We will identify community suggestions that actually already exist on the Foundation’s backlog (for example: inter-canister query calls) and create separate forum discussions for those topics
  • We will expand the existing forum discussions with relevant documentation, next steps, key people, etc.

The long term goal is to make community engagement in the roadmap as straightforward as possible in order to maximize for as many contributors as possible.


Please note that we have been editing the posts, bringing researchers and engineers on to the topic, and shepherding the interaction between the community and the researchers/engineers working on each topic.

We appreciate your patience as we iterate based on feedback from folks.

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