SOS. Critical problem with ICPSwap!

Hello, Infu. Thank you.

Confirmed with the Devs that the recent upgrade was on September 10th, and the current version is 0.15.5:

@dfinity/agent": “0.15.5”,
@dfinity/candid”: “0.15.5”,
@dfinity/identity”: “0.15.5”,
@dfinity/principal”: “0.15.5”


Hello, sir. Thank you.

ICPSwap has consistently used “” and has not changed the domain name.


Using one or the other does not change the principal. The domain name used to sign in is tied to the principal that is generated. If ICPSwap consistently used, regardless of whether or was used, the same principal is generated.


I have tried to consider @ICPSwap’s perspective. If you still have doubts and believe that our current Internet Identity is the new one, the screenshot provided indicates a date from a few months ago when I initially set up the Internet Identity and ICPSwap address for my friend. This suggests that we have been using the other Internet Identity for the past few months. Additionally, a few days ago, we accidentally used the “new” Internet Identity to log in. Does it make sense to you?


Ah yeah you’re right, it’s just that an anchor from one II domain is not available on another domain unless you manually e.g. recover from passphrase or use the add device link workaround.


Now that the holiday is over, we kindly request @ICPSwap to provide us with an answer and appeal for support from the IC community in this matter. We are prepared to take any necessary legal action.

Just to clarify, we have only one Internet Identity. I assisted my friend in creating it a few months ago, and we have been using that same identity ever since. We have all the records of transferring ICP from Binance to ICPSwap. There was no reason for us to create a second Internet Identity when everything has been functioning smoothly for the past few months. This issue is entirely the technical fault of ICPSwap. Please do not deny this and take responsibility for it.

Dfinity should investigate into this. I do not think it’s ICPSwap’s error. I had a similar experience with plug wallet. Didn’t think too much of as no coin was lost in the process. I have a plug wallet extension on pc — chrome and well saved seed phrase. One time I thought to use same wallet on phone. So I downloaded the app on iPhone and then used same seed phrase. This created a new PID with a clean slate wallet. I had thought it would have same PID from pc with the tokens in it. It didn’t and then I imagined if I had lost my pc and used seed phrase to reimport the wallet, all tokens on pc wallet would have been lost. It appears to be a similar situation here. It appears that importing a wallet with seed phrase on a new device is likely to create different PID in which case I don’t see the point of seed phrase recovery if it doesn’t recover old account. On another occasion, same thing happened with ICdex. I used the same internet ID to sign into my icdex from a different device and a new account and PID popped up with no tokens.
On both situations, my accounts on other devices had no issue so I wasn’t concerned about the tokens. However it brought the question as to whether this is something that happens to other people too and if so, then something is wrong.


If you have OGY stuck in your NNS there is a hack that has worked in the past thanks to @peterparker.

It is not for the faint of heart! It would be great if there were some more ‘official unofficial’ way to just manually add an ICRC1 token via the NNS. :slight_smile:

You’ll need to run something like this from the chrome console while logged into the NNS.


const {transfer} = await import("")
await transfer({ledgerCanisterId: 'jwcfb-hyaaa-aaaaj-aac4q-ca', owner: '{put receiving principal here}', amount: 1234n, fee: 200000n});

The amount is in e8s…so 1 OGY is 100000000

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Yes, the situation is indeed quite similar. On that particular day, my friend couldn’t use her regular phone and had to log in to ICPSwap using her iPad and the seed phrase, which resulted in this problem. If it’s not ICPSwap’s fault, perhaps it could be related to Dfinity?
My friend still uses her regular phone, but whenever she logs into ICPSwap, it takes her to the new address. Thank you for your concern. We appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.

One other scenario is if she cleared cache on her iPhone browser, then it’s possible for browser to not recognize her old account and instead take in new account created on iPad. If she had used her account on another device in the past and not clear history, she can try signing in from that device. When using internet ID, never clear browser history. This is what I understood before. When you do, you are likely to start all over with seed phrase to sign in. (Important! Do not respond to people sending you messages in your private message claiming to be dfinity Team — They are most probably scammers)


Thank you. You are very kind!

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@Dfinity should investigate this matter thoroughly! It is not the first occurrence of such an issue, and it requires their attention and investigation.


Hola, estoy interesado en tu problema, ¿podrías desarrollar mas detalles?, cuando se creó la identidad fue en un ordenador, móvil, estaban asociados?, cualquier detalle que se te ocurra por insignificante que sea puede llevar a la solución

Creé una Identidad en Internet usando mi teléfono. Cuando no pude acceder a ICPSwap, intenté iniciar sesión desde mi iPad. Al hacerlo, me redirigió a una nueva dirección en ICPSwap. No pude acceder a mi dirección anterior con aproximadamente 640 ICP. ¡Gracias por tu preocupación!


If none of the above (plus others) proposed courses-of-action helped and also (in addition to @ICPSwap) DFINITY support is desired, I suggest to submit a ticket using below form(s):

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Thank you, I will ask for support!

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Do you think this guy is hacker and this page is fraud:

"Hello @ChauDoan21165 this does sound like a vital issue i will suggest that you talk with a representative from Dfinity to help you sort out this issue

We opened a ticket for you based on your inquiry, Kindly click here [Admin edit by @Severin: scam link removed] to talk to a DFINITY representative on the general chain link for definite answers.

Kindly use the ticket ID DR3486 when engaging with the representative from DFINITY"

Al crear la identidad en el móvil supongo que guardaste la frase semilla, si es así puedes reiniciar tu identidad desde 0 en el ipad?, icpswap da problemas en el móvil, para mi la clave está en la frase semilla inicial, es la que te llevará a tu billetera

after reading this topic i am curious as to how they set up the same internet identity on multiple devices.
if the security chip is changed (different device) it will not register as the same identity. accessing the wallet is not the same as holding the identity. i wonder if accessing the wallet using fingerprint and generating the identity again on a new terminal from the same wallet using say face id would still make it a different value
is there anything saying that one id is locked to one wallet address?
how is that value pair tangible? anything that could allow the linked id and wallet to converge and create a redundancy without verifying the value is not already in use.
when i want to register a new device with my id and i cannot use the smart card or usb dongle that i used previously will it generate a new id or allow me to use the same one?