Some opinions on the use of NNS wallet and web wallet


新用户可能需要花费至少1小时以更久的时间来了解以及获得NNS钱包,体验十分不好!应该也有很多钱包开发商意识到这个问题,开发了各种好用的钱包,但这有好处的同时,也让IC看上去很混乱!IC上目前热门的应用大约有上百个,体验下来,需要下载至少3-5款钱包,分别是,BITFINITY wallet,PLug wallet ,NNS wallet, 原子钱包,astrox wallet, 这不得不创建很多账户,助记词,并且由于一些应用NFT检查资格,需要来回把NFT发送到各个账户,简直让人疯狂!同时币圈对新应用的信任感并不是很大,尤其是钱包这种和资产挂钩的应用更加排斥。由于这种现象的存在,我想了一下我自己认为的方案



一 .能让所有生态应用支持metamask签名登录,无需助记词优先体验APP,直到用户产生需求充值或者提现的时候提醒用户下载NNS钱包或者web3钱包

二:Internet Computer Loading 应在醒目位置提示简单易用的相关教程

三.Internet Computer Loading(BITFINITY wallet,PLug wallet ,NNS wallet, 原子钱包,astrox wallet等)






以上我认为这些主要解决1.NNS新手教程问题 2.多个网页钱包和NNS钱包资产归集问题 3.避免用户将资产在多个钱包甚至网站临时钱包来回转移


Since I am worried that Google Translate may not translate very accurately, I hope someone who understands Chinese can help translate! The following is the Google translation result

  1. User habits and experience

New users may need to spend at least 1 hour or longer to understand and obtain the NNS wallet, the experience is very bad! There should be many wallet developers who are aware of this problem and have developed a variety of useful wallets, but while this is beneficial, it also makes IC look confusing! There are hundreds of popular applications on IC. After experiencing it, you need to download at least 3-5 wallets, namely, BITFINITY wallet, PLug wallet, NNS wallet, Atomic Wallet, astrox wallet, which have to create many accounts to help Memorize words, and because some applications NFT check qualifications, need to send NFT back and forth to each account, it is crazy! At the same time, the currency circle does not have a great sense of trust in new applications, especially asset-linked applications such as wallets are more repulsive. Due to the existence of this phenomenon, I thought about the solution I thought

The solution I think is to add the following functional improvements:

Since usually people only trust official and heavily verified secure wallets, so

  1. Allow all ecological applications to support metamask signature login, without the need for mnemonics to experience the APP first, and remind users to download NNS wallet or web3 wallet until the user needs to recharge or withdraw cash

Two: Internet Computer Loading should prompt relevant easy-to-use tutorials in a conspicuous position

  1. wallet interface banner promotion is recommended by the official 1-5 web wallets to download, here is to let users know that they have passed the official security audit credit endorsement! (BITFINITY wallet, PLug wallet, NNS wallet, atomic wallet, astrox wallet, etc.)

Four: Add authorization settings for web wallets in the NNS wallet interface: the default settings for web wallets, such as logging in to PLug, can access those assets (nft, icp, chat), and can authorize access to the maximum number of settings used on the day! (), since the PLug wallet is authorized at this time, it can be automatically assigned when interacting with the ecological APP

Transfer and transaction, eliminating the need for users to recharge from the nns wallet to the PLug wallet. (This means that the NNS wallet is the main asset custodian, and the PLug wallet is just an agent. Its role is to use various web applications more sensitively, to play the role of anonymity, and to save the cumbersome transfer of assets, nft, etc.

. )

  1. Add wallet can be set to locked and unlocked state with one click (locked state is equivalent to closing all asset transfer authorizations, and users can set passwords to unlock)

Six: Asset collection. If the user trusts the NNS wallet, all assets can be collected to the NNS wallet with one click. If the user trusts the web wallet such as Plug or bitfinity, multiple wallets can be set to be collected into the main wallet. These require developers Give a solution, the user transfers back and forth
NFTs and various tokens are very difficult. Because currently NFT may require at least 2 web wallets, and 2 NFT markets can display all NFTs completely

I think these above mainly solve 1. NNS novice tutorial problem 2. Multiple web wallets and NNS wallet asset collection problems 3. Avoid users transferring assets back and forth between multiple wallets or even temporary website wallets