ChainKeyX, a borrowing & lending for ckBTC and ckETH

Hello everyone,

Am new to the community, some of you may have seen our twitter shitposting in the last few weeks. We received a grant from Dfinity foundation to build ChainkeyX, a crypto native neobank for ckBTC and ckETH.

The core features are:
a) a fixed deposit for users to deposit their ckBTC and ckETH for long durations; earning ckBTC and ckETH yield while they do that
b) collaterised lending where users to use yield generating assets (liquidity pool) as collateral to borrow ckBTC and ckETH. This way, liquidity providers can unlock liquidity against their yield generating LP tokens.

The idea here is build decentralised financial services that is independent of fiat and stablecoin.

Would love any feedback and comments!

Twitter: @ckexchange
Simulation on lending & borrowing: Loading Google Sheets


Finterest 2.0!

Looking forward to seeing it.

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Without the VC backing. Just a bunch of bitcoin maxis who hate JP Morgan and the Fed. We will have something for you guys to kick the tires around April 2024.