ICP growth: ckBTC and ckETH on major exchanges

Having major exchanges like Binance support ckAssets would be such a major step forward for ICP’s adoption…

I for one, have stopped buying BTC and ETH because they are so cumbersome to move around! I would love to be able to buy them on an exchange (I use Binance) and withdraw them directly onto my ICP wallet. Or vice versa.

I know ckUSDT/ckUSDC and ckERC20s are also in the works, which is awesome. But is there any news regarding support of ckAssets by any big exchange?

N.B: this is my first post, please do tell me if this forum is only meant for technical discussion.

Hi @marcpp - thanks for your initial post here and this is the right place for the discussion. I’ve had a similar thought about this the past few weeks. I have a bunch of ckBTC sitting in my NNS wallet but it would be great to be able to move these assets outside of the ICP dapp ecosystem if possible

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