[Soft Launch] Improved IC Staking Documentation and Experience

See here for the latest on this topic: In Progress: NNS Proposal To End The Imminent Unclaimed Seed Neuron Sweep | by Dominic Williams | The Internet Computer Review | Nov, 2021 | Medium

I will quote @CashBowie (VP of Comms at DFINITY) who put it pretty well here: Seed Round Access - #422 by CashBowie

Your seed phrase will still be valid… If ideal [for you], you can still wait to claim your voting neurons/governance tokens.

eff me. so i need to get a computer science degree and figure out how to claim my ICP now before they get swept away? i invested in this project almost 5 years ago, and it’s impossible to claim my tokens. dfinity needs to make this easy for people before sweeping them away.

No, to quote @CashBowie (VP of Comms at Dfinity), your seed phrase will still be valid.

The Ledger Nano integration is coming soon (and it already is in developer mode).


I see version 1.0.2 there in developer mode.

Are there instructions on how to use it for seed access?

Not yet because it is not “officially released” yet. Let me ask the team if it makes sense to release while still in developer mode.

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Relevant update: Seed Round Access - #455 by timo

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Relevant update on Ledger: I cannot give exact dates, but we are on track for ICP support before the end of the year as we are at the very last stage with Ledger (and a fairly trivial step at that).


Update: Ledger Nano is live folks. :clinking_glasses:

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Just a reminder: Seed Round Access - #455 by timo

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