OpenChat proposal to temporarily unregister the UserIndex canister from the SNS


I am one of the OpenChat developers.

Today we ran into an issue where the OpenChat UserIndex canister is no longer able to grow its memory, this is because its memory_allocation setting is set to 1GB and it is now using exactly 1GB of memory.

This is causing lots of functionality to fail (new user registrations, processing of Diamond membership payments, joining groups/communities + more).

There is no way to update this setting via proposal, Dfinity will implement this, but it’ll take at least a week, so for now the only option we have to fix this quickly is to de-register the canister from the SNS, handing control of it over to a principal owned by the OpenChat dev team, we can then update the canister settings, then re-register the canister with the OpenChat SNS.

So we have now submitted a proposal to de-register the UserIndex from the OpenChat SNS.

This is a ‘critical proposal’ which means it requires 67% in order to be executed early and it also means that following does not apply, so neurons holders will have to vote manually with each of their neurons.

The following DFX command can be used to inspect the changes to the canister and therefore verify that the OpenChat dev team do not modify the canister’s code during the time in which they have control of the canister -

dfx canister --network ic --wallet <YOUR WALLET CANISTER ID> call aaaaa-aa canister_info '(record { canister_id = principal "4bkt6-4aaaa-aaaaf-aaaiq-cai"; num_requested_changes = opt 20:opt nat64 })' --candid ic.did

Where ic.did is fetched from here.

It is worth noting that the memory_allocation value was never set by OpenChat, it is actually set to 1GB for all SNS canisters and it is just by chance that the OpenChat UserIndex was affected first. This is because the SNS Root canister (which is used by all SNS’s) sets the memory_allocation to 1GB every time it upgrades an SNS canister. Dfinity are going to change this as it seems like it was not intentional.

If you own any OpenChat neurons please help us by voting to approve this proposal!


Thanks for sharing this @hpeebles and sorry that you guys were the first to hit this. I assume this doesn’t impact child canisters of SNS canisters, as our bucket canisters would have reached this limit already.
Also we will vote “yes” on this proposal and hope everyone does.


Thanks! Yes, it only affects canisters directly controlled by the SNS Root.