SNS Treasuries + NNS dApp

Hi @peterparker,

Id like to make a suggestion that the SNSs displayed on the NNS dApp also include a link to the treasury address.

Currently, I don’t know how to find the SNS treasury addresses (buried somewhere in GitHub?) and there are some projects like OpenChat or Hot or Not that have 1M ICP. One day that 1M ICP will be worth a LOT of money and I won’t know where to check how much ICP will be left. Seems like quite important fact to know.

Can you please consider adding that to the NNS dApp UI?



Let me clarify that and come back to you :call_me_hand:.

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I have forwarded your idea to the Dashboard team, @dfisher. They will discuss if it’s something they can & should do. After exchanging with other team members, I realized it’s actually more suited for the dashboard than NNS Dapp.

In the meantime, here’s a recipe @Severin shared that can help you find the information you’re looking for. Example with Hot Or Not:

  1. Go to SNS page:
  2. Go to ‘canisters’ and search for the governance canister:
  3. Derive its wallet address: dfx ledger account-id --of-principal 6wcax-haaaa-aaaaq-aaava-cai. This produces a512e418044d132fa67305bb8fad227361b65241e0b47804551b5ad1a21b5e41
  4. Find that account on the dashboard:
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Thanks so much. Is there a way to derive the wallet address from the governance canister without using DFX? Maybe for each SNS project on the dashboard the treasury wallet address can be clearly displayed just above the list of canisters. It really is crucial information!

I’m not entirely sure what the dfx command can do, but I believe it is possible to achieve the same functionality using the JavaScript library @dfinity/nns. However, I’m unsure if there is a user interface available at the moment that offers this type of conversion (i.e., input field for principal to account identifier).

If I get it right it’s one or the idea the dashboard team will discuss.

Hi @dfisher, the dashboard team has implemented a “ICP and Token treasury” total along with a link to each Sns page. I believe this addresses your request, right?

For example OC:


Thank you good sir. It does indeed address my concerns.

I have another request for you. This one has come up for me and a couple others. I’ll leave it to you whether it’s more appropriate for the NNS dApp or the dashboard.

Every SNS I’ve ever invested in, immediately following launch, I have to reach out to the developer team to ask them which neuron I should follow. It’s tedious, and I sometimes find myself rummaging through white papers. I’ve also noticed others asking the same info.

Could you please have a think where it is appropriate to add this info? The main dfinity neurons are displayed in the NNS dApp itself when choosing who to follow so it might be a good idea to do the same for the SNS.


Thanks for the share David, I have just forwarded your new input. I’ll let you know as usual.

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I reached out to the NNS team, @dfisher, and it turns out that there is already a feature in the backlog “default following and known neurons for SNSs.” This feature is not scheduled yet. This feature will involve not only frontend development but also backend development, specifically improvements in the canister smart contracts, so, it isn’t something that can be done that quickly. Hope this answer your question.

Thank you for the update. It is very much appreciated.

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@dfisher Just for future reference, there’s a principal to account id conversion tool on Canlista that can do this, if it’s useful: