Sns-1 dapp repo location

i can’t find the sns-1 dapp repo. I have tried and failed. I want to follow its progress


same question waiting for answer from @lara

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maybe one of the ‘portal-admins’ will know …

Hi all, think this got a bit lost over the Christmas break, but we brought it up internally again and IIUC people are now working on how we can open source the code best.


Hi there, does anybody know the SNS1 dapp canister id?
I want to know how the plug wallet can display the balance of SNS1. :grinning:

If you go to the dashboard, then SNS → OpenChat you’ll land on this page which has a list of all canisters under SNS control. The canisters are tagged with their name


did this ever get released?

No, it did not get released. I’ll ping the team again.


I thought I’d not let you hang completely and give a not very informative update. Things are happening behind the scenes. Looks like it’ll finally work out soon :tm: