SNS reloaded bot-free

Dear all,

Lets remove the bots and reload the sns.

This aim to be a proposal and it seems that I am not the only one of tweeter thinking this would be fair to do.

  1. Recreate another SNS.
  2. Distribute SNS to non bot adresses using the database of SNS-1
  3. DAO consideration of following steps
  4. Use the ICP token from bots to give free SNS token to real people that tried to participate.
  5. Fill the rest of the supply with another token distribution using some proof of humanity check.
    Delete old SNS from the NNS
  6. Party

Advantage :
Show the power of a DAO
Improve token price since bots wont be selling
Make bot pay for their behaviour ( they are the only one losing )
Have more people onboarded
Speed of implementation
Give the opportunity to use a proof of humanity on the next distribution

Cons :
Very limited risk associated in detecting bots
Use some ressources ( not too much tho imo )

Lets discuss

Thank you for reading.


Sns token is a test token.


The SNS 1 DAO is a test. Currently the project has no real value until someone building something. Scrapping the DAO instead of using its power to fix some of what happened would set up a bad precedence. How do you even delete the SNS1 without the people holding the token without voting for it? What about all the people that have already bought the token? Will they get reissued new tokens? I propose using the DAO to burn any ill gotten tokens that are still dissolving and return the ICP spent to the addresses that bought them. I think that’s the best we can do without hurting people that did nothing wrong.


there is no way you can verify with certainty which addresses belong to bots such kind of greed will destroy spirit of NNS bot attacks are problem which even Twitter is facing and its common at launch of new projects people already trading sns1 token on dex and you want to create a new sns1


Might as well do this →

  1. Fix all the issues associated with SNS1
  2. Launch SNS2 with some type of proof of humanity

Everyone is happy! Very simple.


A work of art painted by one of the worlds grand masters was not done overnight. Masterpieces take time to complete, years even.
The SNS1 DAO is a work of art that will never be completed, SNS1 holders are the artists and we are tasked with creating a very unique work. This will not be completed in one week or months. We will continually work on our master piece for years, tweaking and adjusting its commands.
No need to kill it or start over, it was after all the practice run, based on how the SNS1 launch went - in my opinion I thought it was a fantastic success. So much was learned about launching a DAO on the SNS. The data that was gathered through this trial run will lead the next launch of a DAO that has a significant Dapp controlled by it, to launch without a hitch.
SNS1 was launched with little financial implications to anyone ($4 per ICP if tried to buy presale is less than a Starbucks cup of coffee) and a blank canvas (no dapp). So no major harm was done to any participants.
The experiment continues, if anyone wants to enter or exit the experiment they are welcome to swap ICP for SNS1 and vice versus here: ICLightHouse
I’m excited to see what’s next to launch and the positive impact that the SNS1 launch has had on future projects. I’m also excited to see what becomes of the SNS1 DAO, even if nothing comes of it, the SNS1 was the first Dao launched & has an extremely low circulating supply that is not locked, so it will always be coveted and have enormous Value in the ICP ecosystem.


The idea behind this proposal is selfish and has no community interests. I suspect the next bot to be the writer of this proposal
1.why do you want delete of SNS andd new one to enrich your self
2.where were you when sales went life?

  1. Mistakes can be corrected with time

4.i see no need to support this selfishness

5.its a No vote for me


Honestly, I do not care, I have a SNS.

Was just an idea, it is possible we could do it.

Before calling self interest just explain it further, there is a clear list of advantage and cons on this proposal. You are what, just giving your unsupported opinion ? Great :wink:

Problem: How do we know which account is a bot and not a person buying with multiple wallets?

Was buying more than once against the Terms of Service?

How do we know we are not punishing good people?

Also consider: SNS1 was a test. It currently has no dapp. If you find this valuable, couldn’t you just buy the token on the open market?

I am sure there will be many more SNS sales in the future.

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I have an issue claiming my sns… need one of the team to put me through… watched all videos i can, seems my case is different

I agree with most of this. I really don’t think this will be a huge deal in the future. For example, the next launch that will happen is going to be openchat. I’m not worried about bots because there is a 1,000,000 ICP maximum to be raised. So obviously a bot isn’t like to participate in that because the supply is not as scarce as 3100 like with SNS-1. A captcha would be smart and ways to avoid bots should always be tried but the truth is that bots usually find a way. It’s annoying but yeah

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We should have Proof of Humanity. I believe NFID or Modclub has a cellphone number code solution where you need to get texted. It’s really not threatening to anonymity as nothing is stored. I think we should go with something like that until we have a better solution. Remember traditional offerings require fully blown KYC this is a good in between.


I wonder why he wants dex lolz it’s just not making sense. Sns team said it’s a DAO and not all this one man can’t override the community and the team. Selah