SNS index canister API

Does anyone know why the index canisters for all SNS tokens have the function get_account_transactions as an update call, not a query call?

The index canisters for ckBTC and ckETH have the function as a query. Why not the index canisters for SNS tokens?



Fun fact: I’ve been looking for the same answer last two days within the foundation :wink:.

Long story short: ckBTC and ckETH are using the new source code known as index-ng while all Snses are still using index.

index-ng is, I understand a fork of the source code of index which was improved. One of the difference is index-ng implementing getTransactions as a query while index implements it as an update.

According the last feedback I’ve got, I was answered there were some issues in the ugprade process that’s why the Snses index canister are not up-to-date. I asked for an ETA about potential upgrade but, given holiday season, did not got the answer yet.

Ok. That sounds like I can assume that at some point the SNS index canisters will get upgraded and shift to a query call as well.


What impact will that have for users? Will it improve performance?

Not sure what you mean with users. We are discussing canister implementation and not a dapp level implementation. getTransactions will become a query instead of an update therefore faster if queried as such (see table and it will also provide additional information such as the account balance in addition to the transactions.

If a wallet frontend fetches transaction history then with a query call it will be a little bit faster, so it’s a better user experience. It is also easier to code the frontend if all index canisters have the same interface.