SNS Foundation Named Neurons (Call to Action)

A bit of context is missing here. The thread was about NEW projects getting built on the IC New promising projects on IC
The 4 ones were trending on twitter and getting attention by the community. I also asked anyone to add to the list if they know any other project, and as you can see Dragginz was mentioned.
As far as I knew according to : Dragginz - a virtual world on DFinity you were already working on it since Jul 2020, so it was not new that is all. I am happy to support the Dragginz project in any shape or form possible and the same goes for any app on the IC.

No I don’t, I am not aware of their neuron status.
Also the first time I engaged with Cluster I got banned from their discord and even on twitter by Scott who was then the community manager, because I wanted to take a look at the code and called it a Cluster Fuck since it was hyped based on the whitepaper only.
BoomDao I see having huge potential if they continue the work they are doing but in my opinion its not ready yet for the SNS.