New promising projects on IC

FYI obviously not financial advice, DYOR.
In no particular order :

  1. Cluster Protocol
  • Providing a Basket of DeFi Yields within a Single Protocol on IC, Cluster aims to provide convenience in IC ‘s ever-growing landscape of decentralized finance, offering a basket portfolio of DeFi Protocols, from a single access point!
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  1. Boom DAO
  • The leading gaming DAO of the Internet Computer blockchain. Their mission is to build the gaming vertical for IC ecosystem. SNS coming soon. They will always welcome all gaming projects and gamers with pure excitement. Collaboration is at the core of what they do. Everything they build for the gaming infrastructure on IC is open source.
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  1. RiO
  1. Rakeoff

Any other project you would add to this list ? Which makes you more bullish for IC ?



Excited about this one “No more boring Blockchain games but you still 100% ON-CHAIN!”


All should be added to : ICP Ecosystem | Internet Computer

Obviously Dragginz, the ic hosted web game that is going to burn cycles at an enormous rate once billions of people begin using it.

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I also made a VR framework that will be open-sourced soon. P2P multiplayer, for VR and PC, uses Unity engine. Check it out here - find portals to get to other locations.

The Island Collective

Thanks for the mention.
We are building something awesome and launching SOON!

dragginz is best game


For an updated list of projects you can have a look on CYQL.


Thanks for sharing that link

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