SNS-1 Maturity and what it means at present

Many people in the community are confused about the new NNS UI maturity option. People want to know what is the reward for voting at this point? Is that something to be decided by community or something that happens right now? Any clarity would be appreciated

Hi @free_will5

voting rewards for SNS-1 are currently set to 0% and thus no rewards are paid out.
For verifying this, you can go to the dashboard of the SNS-1 governance canister and call the method
Within the output there is a record voting_rewards_parameters which contains the initial and final reward rate (both set to 0% in the moment).

And correct, the voting reward rate is configurable and can be adjusted via a proposal.

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Thank you! Appreciated.

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Does this also mean that voting power is the same for a neuron locked for 30 days and a neuron locked for 8 years.

The voting power depends on the lock-up time.

The initial configuration of SNS-1 is: you get twice as much voting power if you lock up for the maximum time (which is 100 years). More broadly, the dissolve delay bonus is 1x for 0 years and increases linearly to a maximum of 2x for 100 years.

This information is also contained as part of the output of get_nervous_system_parameters