Request for API end points


Hey, we’re building an analytics dashboard for SNS dapps. It would be helpful to get access to the following data points.

  1. Individual voting powers of neurons for SNS and NNS
  2. tstart for SNS, used to calculate daily maturity


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I suggest that you have a look at the API enpoints of the individual SNS governance canisters (see e.g. here)

For example information on neurons (e.g. age, dissolve delay, age) can be queried by the method ‘list_neurons’.

Voting reward parameters are available via ‘get_nervous_system_parameters’.
Combining this information you can compute the voting power of each neuron.

Information about reward events is accessible via ‘get_latest_reward_event’.


Somehow the calculations we made is not consistent the voting powers that is displayed in the UI. Since the individual voting powers are already displayed in the dashboard, I was wondering if we could get access to it via an endpoint?

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I think the dashboard voting power calculation is not exposed as an endpoint.

As a next step, I would suggest to double check your implementation against the voting reward documentation here.

If you still find differences, you could share in the forum examples and your underlying calculation.

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Does the “distributed_e8s_equivalent” parameter in the “get_latest_reward_event” translate to maturity of total reward being distributed on for that duration? Also when does the data get refreshed in the ICP dashboard, what time on a daily basis?

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I am also tagging @msumme and @Dylan for any insights!


There is a vast amount of data tracked by the ICP Dashboard, constantly being updated by tasks 24/7 or on-demand as certain pages are visited (e.g., the page for a specific neuron). Certain calculations, such as those related to a voting rewards event (e.g. Voting Participation), may only be run once a day after that event has occurred (typically at 17:00 Zurich time).