Request for help: About SNS DAO Voting Power

Good day, IC community, and Dfinity development team.

I have some questions regarding the voting power of SNS tokens and was hoping to gain insights and assistance on the following matters:

1/ In order to ensure robust governance of the SNS DAO and to give the community a voting say, is it feasible to set the voting power of certain neurons (non-community neurons) to zero, even if these neurons have dissolve delays? For instance, could neurons with a 1-year dissolve delay be set to have the voting power equivalent to a 1-month dissolve delay (or 0)?

2/ If the above isn’t feasible, can we achieve locking and reducing (removing) voting power through vesting periods?
For example, if the neurons will have a dissolve delay of 9 months and will vest 36 months after the SNS swap in equal monthly proportions, could we change these neurons to a dissolve delay of 1 month, followed by 8 months of locking, and then the 36-month linear vesting? Would this approach work?

3/ If none of the above approaches is viable, are there alternative methods to achieve a similar result?

I sincerely value your insights and assistance!

Using the vesting period is a suitable solution for your problem statement.

For instance, let us say the SNS mandates a minimum dissolve delay of 3 months for voting. You could establish one developer neuron with a dissolve delay of 1 month and a vesting period of 36 months. In this setup, this neuron will lack voting power for the ensuing 36 months. Furthermore, the neuron will not be permitted to extend its dissolve delay during this period to gain positive voting power.


Absolutely fantastic! This clears up the question perfectly. Thank you so much for the clarification!

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By the way, @bjoernek is it possible to manually adjust the voting power percentage? For instance, setting a minimum dissolve delay of 1 month for voting, where one neuron has a dissolve delay of 6 months, but manually configuring it to correspond to a 1 month voting power? Thanks in advance for your answers!

No I do not think so. But the various existing parameters should already provide you a lot of flexibility.

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