SNS Asset Canister Documentation

Good morning everyone! Today I’m excited to share a new, highly requested piece of documentation that covers SNS asset canisters!

Asset canisters are used to store the frontend assets related to a dapp, or in the context of SNS, the frontend of the SNS DAO such as the dashboard that users can interact with proposals through.

The contents of the asset canister must be configured prior to the launch of the SNS, and any changes afterwards must be made by a principal with the Prepare permission. Principals with this Prepare permission can make a batch of changes to the asset canister and then ‘lock’ those changes. To have those changes applied, a proposal must be submitted. Anyone can submit the proposal for the ‘locked’ changes. Once changes are proposed, they can be voted on by the SNS DAO. If approved, the SNS governance canister is the only one that can commit the approved changes. This configuration assures that changes to the asset canister are only made by approved proposals. These changes are referred to as ‘upgrades’.

This new documentation covers the following topics relating to SNS asset canisters:

  • Deploying an asset canister
    * Deploying locally for testing
    * Deploying on the mainnet
  • Configuring an asset canister’s permissions
    * Granting permissions
    * Revoking permissions
    * Listing permissions
  • SNS GenericNervousSystemFunctions
  • Submitting an SNS proposal and upgrading an asset canister

Additionally, this documentation will soon include detailed information regarding registering and submitting generic functions proposals, including CLI walkthroughs of how to execute these workflows.

You can find the new SNS asset canister documentation here.

As always, please let us know your thoughts and any feedback you may have!


Please contact the owner of the site that linked you to the original URL and let them know their link is broken.

The link is valid but, the portal is facing the same issue as other devs do currently:

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Ok cool, I mean not cool but thanks for the info.

Debugging and fix in progress of course, I should have mentionned that too.


Guess it takes longer then expected. Wasn’t this fixed for others ?

If I get it right, I think this issue should be solvable by upgrading to dfx v0.14.2 which was published yesterday. So I guess the portal maybe have not yet been updated yet.

But, only a guess, I’m not part of the teams that are working on this directly.

It’s not an issue for me, I can manually go to Updated SNS docs. Just had this post bookmarked and was surprised still not working.

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