Small UX update related to maturity modulation

Last week the maturity modulation was released. As a consequence, the UX is updated today to more clearly represent maturity. Here’s an outline of the UX changes.

NNS front-end app

Maturity is now shown in absolute values instead of % of staked ICP, as the conversion of maturity to ICP is uncertain.

Example for a neuron with 140 staked ICP

  • Before: Maturity 10%
  • Now: Maturity 14.00


On the Governance page and the Neuron page, voting rewards are now displayed as maturity (the unit ICP is dropped).

On the Circulation page, the Total Rewards chart has been split into three charts, taking into account the difference between ICP and maturity.

On the Governance page, a Maturity Modulation chart has been added to show current and historical maturity modulation.


This looks so much cleaner! Thanks


For ease of understanding, add a unit of maturity measurement and it will be easier to perceive
14 ICP😉

I was going to post the same suggestion, but then I realized that leaving off the units was probably intentional. Maturity has not been minted, so technically it’s not ICP. It’s more like an IOU.


I’ve been staking since last year, but this update doesn’t look good. It is difficult to see the daily rate of return if the existing percentage mark is removed and displayed only in quantity.
I think the percentage mark looks the same as before, and when the user clicks on the MERGE or SPAWN and moves the slider, It is better to show the number of ICP coins that can be obtained according to the slider adjustment ratio in real time.


Hi @thirdparty, at the moment when you spawn the amount of ICP is still uncertain due to the maturity modulation function. Hence we could only display a range of resulting ICP.


Bjoernek, that not true, fooling people with this new updates doesn’t make any sense, is just a distraction from something else bad you’re fellas doing as the ‘decentralized’ governance finally started to pickup now, when people starting to understand how it works. And apparently you, the top governing neurons by size, owned by the founders don’t like that ‘wake up call’ and now starting to come with tricky changes proposals that would retain that power over governance in your hands.
Why fooling? you’re going to ask… because the staking rewards dropped almost 50% in 2weeks since you’ve made that stupid, aka updated, changes and whatever they’re meant to do, if they cut the rewards in half or more over time, WE DON’T NEED THEM!
When trumping from the tribune about all these amazing acomplishments, don’t forget that ICP fell 99% from the ATH’s and by any economic definitions, that’s a failed business, bankrupt scam, call it what you want, and now those stuck with their ICP locked for 4-8years, and are 75-90% underwater with their initial investment, and can only HOPE that this POS is gonna turn around. To keep people motivated, you should REWARD the ICP holders with as much % as possible, and move all ICP’s [out of TOTAL SUPPLY] in circulation, having such a big unrelesed nr of ICP’s (an amount, that, to my unpleasant surprize, is still growing… don’t know why and how) is making me suspecting that majority of it will go to the top holders, which is not us, the ‘little guy’. It’ll be divded between the founders, the seed investors and those big whales neurons holders - just like FED did with +$9Trln of new money printed, that very little got to people, and most of it been stolen by the government, while everyone now is paying double on everything, compared to 2years ago because of inflation. The TOTAL ICP SUPPLY has to get released, so people know that’s it - we have a finite supply now, and you also should increase the burn speed of ICP, that will bring a deflationary effect on the price so we can recover from our losses. Most need at least the price of ICP to get to the $100-200 price range over the next 3-4years, in order to recover their losses. I’m sure most retail stakeholders would agree with me, but for now, please bring the rewards back and don’t invent all sort of schemes to screw up the ‘little guy’, if it’s not broken - don’t try to fix it!

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I am one of those “retail stakeholders”. Didnt buy at the top; but patiently waited until a"fair value" (in my opinion) was reached and dca’d in.

Well, those were the ones who voted to decrease the governance vote %.

We dont have a finite supply. If no one uses the ICP, it will tend to infinity. The likelyhood of that happening (no one using ICP) is next to zero.

Yes; how are we all contributing to the burn speed of icp in a consistent manner?


I hope you feel better after this rant. This accomplished nothing.

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Brand new created account. Probably just trolls who just mad the price is going up.


A couple questions:

  • I was under the impression staked maturity would be displayed as a separate value, so a neuron would have ICP stake and staked maturity contributing to its VP, but now it seems staked maturity is merged with the ICP stake. Does that mean if I were to stake 100 ICP for 6 months and shortly after dissolve the neuron due to unforeseen circumstance the original, 100 ICP would go through price modulation too? Or do only tokens originated from maturity go through modulation?

  • Are there any plans to allow moving non staked maturity between neurons? Some of us have many neurons with different dissolve delays and weekly/monthly merge maturity from low timeframe neurons to ones with long delays, this isn’t possible anymore without being affected by modulation, which makes the merge less effective during market downturns. The only workaround I can think of involves spawning a neuron and merging it, but this action isn’t available to ledger users and based on past experience probably won’t be possible for months.

Staked maturity has not been implemented yet. When it is, it will be displayed as a separate value from staked ICP.




Why troll he just say what he think and I also got similar thinking. Stacking rewards are cut 50% is this say nothing to you?

I have ~1,182ICP staked, my neuron ID is 17121611114046667910.

I received zero maturity yesterday and the day before yesterday (even though I voted on quite a few proposals) and received 0.0056ICP as a maturity today. I have not changed my dissolve delay or topped up my neuron recently, so don’t believe this to be causing the issue.

My friend who has around 700 ICP staked for the same amount of time (>1year, non-dissolving) received his usual ~0.4ICP.

Could anyone provide any insight as to why my rewards are 100x less than usual? I understand that reward payouts have recently changed, but I don’t believe that warrants this huge drop in rewards.

@Jamietier, according to your neuron voting history, there are dozens of recent proposals that your neuron has not voted on. Looking at about the past week, your neuron didn’t vote on any of the proposals listed below, which could explain why your rewards are low. How do you have your neuron following set up?

73722	Update subnet 2fq7c to replica version b37a94be
73572	Replace nodes in subnet 5kdm2	
73570	Replace nodes in subnet k44fs	
73568	Replace a node in subnet cv73p	
73566	Replace a node in subnet io67a	
73565	Replace a node in subnet opn46	
73564	Replace a node in subnet 6pbhf	
73563	Replace nodes in subnet tdb26	
73561	Replace a node in subnet pae4o	
73560	Replace a node in subnet io67a	
73559	Replace nodes in subnet tdb26	
73558	Replace nodes in subnet e66qm	
73555	Remove nodes: [r62hc]	
73552	Update subnet eq6en to replica version fd53b006	
73551	Update subnet w4asl to replica version fd53b006	
73549	Replace a node in subnet pae4o	
73541	Replace nodes in subnet e66qm	
73535	Replace a node in subnet opn46	
73534	Replace a node in subnet 6pbhf	
73532	Update subnet 2fq7c to replica version fd53b006	
73531	Update subnet shefu to replica version fd53b006	
73527	Replace a node in subnet tdb26	
73525	Replace a node in subnet qxesv	
73524	Replace a node in subnet w4rem	
73523	Replace a node in subnet qdvhd	
73511	Replace a node in subnet w4rem	
73510	Replace a node in subnet qdvhd	
73507	Update subnet io67a to replica version fd53b006	
73499	Replace a node in subnet qxesv	
73497	Replace a node in subnet tdb26	
73327	Update all unassigned nodes	
73326	Update subnet tdb26 to replica version 4e51609f	
72790	Replace a node in subnet uzr34	
72783	Replace a node in subnet uzr34	
72773	Replace a node in subnet w4asl

72733	Upgrade Nns Canister: qoctq-giaaa-aaaaa-aaaea-cai to wasm with hash: 630f5e8b2c4ea28e42d6bc8c741d093839df58c5a180475a2fb4529fd6c4a598	
72730	Update subnet nl6hn to replica version 4e51609f	
72729	Update subnet jtdsg to replica version 4e51609f	
72728	Update subnet w4rem to replica version 4e51609f	
72635	Add firewall rules	
72619	Replace nodes in subnet lspz2	
72616	Remove nodes: [s6tl5, 2riiy, qidmy, usf33, i5dly, 7muek, 5o4ne, 3fykl, x6e7h, gel7w, di47p]	
72615	Update subnet fuqsr to replica version 4e51609f	
72614	Update subnet e66qm to replica version 4e51609f	
72613	Update subnet 6pbhf to replica version 4e51609f	

72571	Replace nodes in subnet lspz2	
72567	Update subnet 4ecnw to replica version 4e51609f	
72566	Update subnet cv73p to replica version 4e51609f	
72565	Update subnet brlsh to replica version 4e51609f	
72562	Replace nodes in subnet lspz2	

Hi there

Thanks for the quick response. That’s really weird; I don’t have any followees and so therefore do solely manual voting, but I check the NNS every hour(ish) and vote on anything new - not sure how these haven’t been voted on…

Excluding that, I know that I voted on at least 8 proposals in the last two days, which should have produced more than 0.0056ICP as a maturity with a stake of over 1000 (if historical reward payouts are a good comparison, in light of the recent payout changes).

Do you have any recommendations on followees to maximise my voting rewards? I essentially have unlimited time to vote on proposals, so manual voting is no issue for me (if this is the answer to maximising votes).

Again, I am slightly confused as to how these proposals were either: missed by me and not voted on, or my votes were not actually registered (most likely to be an issue with my terrible internet, admittedly)

If you give it 4 days you will get your full voting rewards as long as you have Followee(s) configured for All Topics Except Governance as well as Governance. Ballots and eligible voting power for each neuron is established the moment a proposal is submitted, so your neuron is not eligible to vote on proposals that were submitted before being staked. If you have a neuron older than 4 days and then add a high amount of ICP stake, you still won’t get as much reward as you think you should get until the 4 days have passed because your new voting power hasn’t been applied to the existing open ballots.

You don’t earn more voting rewards by voting manually, so that’s not a requirement to maximize voting rewards.

Exchange Rate proposals are submitted automatically and voted automatically every 10 minutes. It’s probably not practical to vote on everything manually.

I’m aware of the effect that topping up a neuron has, but recently have only added 30ICP to my stake (on the 31st July).

Who would you suggest to follow for both topics; does it actually matter or is it just a case of following anyone? Apologies for the host of questions, I’ve only been staking on the NNS for just over a month, and so am still learning.

The public neurons in the NNS dApp that are known to actively vote independently on Governance proposals include DFINITY, ICDevs, and ICP Maximalist Network. Almost everyone, including public neurons, follow DFINITY for All Topics Except Governance.