Showing Actionable Proposals in the NNS Dapp


  • The NNS dapp serves as one of the decentralized frontends to interact with the Internet Computer’s DAOs.
  • Currently, if a user has neurons across different SNS DAOs, they are required to manually navigate through the individual DAOs to see if there are any open proposals they can vote on.
  • This process is inconvenient for users who want to actively participate in multiple DAOs, requiring significant effort to ensure that they do not miss rewards on actionable proposals — the proposals that they can still vote on.

Proposed Solution

  • We propose that the NNS dapp visually indicates actionable proposals.
  • The visual indication is proposed to be a simple, notification-like number to signal that the user can take action if they choose to.
  • In addition, we propose a new tabulated view to switch between “Actionable Proposals” and “All Proposals” to allow filtering if the user only cares about proposals where they can take action. This would replace the “Show only proposals you can still vote for” checkbox.
  • Finally, we propose a new section to be added, which collects all projects with actionable proposals in one place — serving as a one-stop-shop for voting.

Proposed Rollout

If this proposal is well received by the community in this forum post, we plan to propose these changes to the NNS in two stages:

  1. Number indicator for actionable proposals, and a new tab to switch between views.

  2. A new section that provides an aggregated view with actionable proposals of all DAOs that support it.

What does this mean for SNS DAOs?

SNS DAOs that wish to support actionable proposals would need to upgrade their SNS governance canister to the latest version.


We hope you will find these proposed changes useful, and would like to welcome your valuable feedback!


Very good. I look forward to the arrival of this feature. Is there a specific timetable?

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Proud of you. This features will help me tremendously because, I technically participate in every DAO in the NNS, it is an inconvenience tracking from one to the other DAO looking for possible actionable events.

I look forward to this proposal and the implementation of these features.


I’m reluctant to promise anything, but we will iteratively submit upgrade proposals as soon as parts of the functionality are ready. Within a month, the NNS dapp should have most of this functionality if the proposals are adopted.


I really like the actionable proposals aggregated view.

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No update yet? What if there are no changes to NNS DAPP?

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It hasn’t been released yet. We will submit the proposal soon.

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