Sending and receiving ICP help needed

Hi , I’m trying to connect to the ledger and get the account identifier .
I have generated the Principal Identifier .
I’m following all the steps , when I get to step 5 which
dfx ledger account-id
It says command not found and I can’t proceed .
I also tried step 6 same thing .
If someone can help please . I’m not a developer and I feel it’s hard to connect so I can send, recieve ICP and stake.
Your help is really appreciated

DFX_VERSION=0.7.0-beta.7 sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL"

Download the above version of dfx to use the ledger commands.

To get your balance on the IC you can do:
dfx ledger --network ic balance (this gives the balance for the account-id associated with your current dfx identity) or dfx ledger --network ic <ledger account-id> (this gives the balance of a specific account)

Thank you Prithvi, It did actually work, Thank you so much. I am just waiting to receive the ICP for now so I can continue with the rest of the commands and hopefully they work smoothly. Thanks again

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