How to find wallet address NOT principal

I am on Mac and using the command line, how do I find my wallet address - NOT the principal - the address that I can enter on Binance and send ICP tokens to. I cannot send from Bianance to the principal address, so where do i or how do i find this address?

dfx ledger account-id will display the account address for the ICP ledger, for the actively selected identity.

You can run dfx ledger --help and dfx identity --help for more information about other available subcommands

Ah, sweet man. Thanks. But that bit ( dfx ledger account-id ) maybe should be put in here or maybe its there somewhere and i am missing it: Internet Computer Loading

Good suggestion! I’ve opened up this PR for it: Comparing master...krpeacock-patch-dfx-ledger-account-id · dfinity/portal · GitHub

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